Mandi Lynn
Creative Director, Lead Photographer, Chief Dragonfly chaser, general Mischief maker, Producer of the most delicious pancakes, Midwife of hidden dreams, Mixed Media Artist, Dancer of Jigs when no one is watching, Chief Kid tickler, Mummy to an angelically wicked little man, Elicitor of Vixen like behaviour in people, prone toward cannon balls when near bodies of water. Ohh yes...exceedingly professional when required too...with extreme attention to detail and whimsy in equal measures.
A La Mode
Shannon | My Wellington PhotographerLouise | My Wellington PhotographerTreena and Cassandra | My Wellington PhotographerTamara | My Wellington PhotographerJohn | My Wellington PhotographerBaby Wellington PhotographerJen and Jono | Engagement Shoot Wellington Royal Golf ClubRichard Wood and Emily Rose | Wellington Family PhotographerKowahi Wellington Children's PhotographerKowahi Wellington Children's Photographer

Emma Thompson

My Wellington Photographer – 7

My Wellington Photographer – 6

Reneezaria – My Wellington Photographer

Sam Porta

My Wellington Photographer – 2

My Wellington Photographer – 1

Shannon: Modelling Portfolio shoot

Louise: Model for a Day

Treena and Cassandra: Mother Daughter Shoot

Tamara: Model for a Day

John Philips: Modelling Portfolio

Luca | My Wellington Photographer

Jen and Jono | Engagement Shoot Wellington Royal Golf Club

Richard Wood and Emily Rose | Wellington Family Photographer

Phoebe | Wellington Children’s Photographer

Kowahi | Wellington Children’s Photographer

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